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DB Freelance Services offers a wide range of services to help put your business in front of your target audience at a price you can afford. We are a full service agency with teams in NY, NJ & PA.

Our team of marketing experts will evaluate your marketing goals, your industry and your target market to work with you in creating a customized & flawless campaign (as well as gorgeous web design if necessary). We work with you to put together campaigns that are unique so that we can set you and your business apart from your competitors.

Our Services

Whether you are a Local Business or E-commerce Business we've got you covered. Our campaigns are customized for your specific business needs and can include a combination of the following: Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), (SEM) Search Engine Marketing, (PPC) Pay-Per-Click, (SMO) Social Media Optimization. We have a track record of providing Top-Level placement on Google and other search engines to increase our clients traffic, conversion rates and generate more revenue for our clients businesses.

DB Freelance Services

Social Media Management

We help you establish and maintain your social media presence online with our Social Media Packages. By using detailed and targeted information available on social media about your audience we are able to build a tailored social media strategy which includes the creation and boosting of compelling social media posts.


SEO Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO packages help potential customers find your business online by boosting your visibility on search results. With our proven SEO methods, our packages boost search rankings, drive traffic to your website, and generate more leads for your business.

We offer Local SEO, Organic SEO and Competitive SEO to give you the best results based on your business needs.

DB Freelance Services

Website Development

It's time to start building your online presence with a fast, SEO ready website. Our Website Development Packages offer professional website design based on premium WordPress themes that can be launched in as little as 2 Weeks.

Next Steps...

We would love to work with you to help you build an online presence for your business and take your business to the next level. Contact us today, we would love to learn about your business and your needs!